After an extensive two-year renovation, completed in 2000, The Key Apartment Rentals is restored to its original splendor as a classic palace with our facilities and services spread locally over four regions of the country. The Key Apartment Rentals, maintains the best of traditional values while continually introducing new service standards and the latest technology as befits the modern world.
Guests have the assurance of friendly and highly professional staff combined with the advantage of all the latest business and entertainment systems, in apartments.We offer long-term short-term accommodation and accommodation services for both domestic and international citizens for various purposes. Our apartments are comfortable, fully furnished, luxurious, an ideal for relaxing after a hard day’s work.
Comfort is our goal. We have created a restful retreat that you can think of as your home away from home when you’re in the area. We offer services for any traveler, whether you’re on business or your journey is for pleasure. When you plan your visit, consider us for your stay.
This is an apartment rental service and not a hotel service. We Rent out completely furnished apartments which vary with quality and sizes and services.

We offer all our services Upon Payment